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Sketch 2018 Tote

White Sketch v3 – 2012 & newer

White Sketch Version 3 pattern has the following characteristics: Combined banners for “Walt Disney World” and “Disneyland” in green and pink lettering Chip & Dale appears in this version This pattern has appeared in 3 different materials: nylon, coated cotton, and pebble grain Nylon is a lightweight, water resistant fabric. They are not coated with […]

Black Embossed Sketch Satchel

Black Embossed Leather Sketch

Released summer 2017. Also known as “Disney Parks Icons”. Features the same pattern as Brown Leather Sketch but in black embossed leather. Crossbody – $228 7” H x 8 1/2” W x 2 1/2” D Strap drops 24” Satchel – $348 11” H x 14 1/2” W x 6” D. Handles drop 4”. Strap drops 15 1/2” […]

DCL Yellow Sketch Small Barrel

DCL Colored Sketch

Release year unknown. The pattern is similar to DCL Sketch but does not include Donald or Chip & Dale. This pattern was available in red, navy, and yellow. Small Barrel – $98 Snap Wristlet – $49

Shanghai Disneyland Sketch Wristlet (back)

Shanghai Disneyland Sketch

Released Summer 2016 for the opening year of Shanghai Disneyland Crossbody – Price unknown Tote – ¥1988 Nylon Backpack – Price unknown Nylon wristlet – Price unknown    

Disneyland Paris Sketch Pink Barrel

Disneyland Paris Pink Sketch

Release year unknown. Pattern is similar to Colored Sketch, except the banner says “Disneyland Paris”, the castle resembles Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at DLP (taller with a very tall tower in the middle), and the Eiffel Tower appears on this pattern. Pink Barrel – € 259   Crossbody – € 189 Available in white and pink Wristlet […]

Hong Kong Disneyland Sketch Large Tote

Hong Kong Disneyland Sketch

Released year unknown. Only available at Hong Kong Disneyland. Colored Sketch Crossbody – HK $1,200 Available in pink and blue only. Pattern is the same as Colored Sketch, except banner says “Hong Kong Disneyland” White Sketch These styles were only available in white sketch. The pattern is the same as White Sketch v3, except banner says “Hong Kong […]

Color Sketch Letter Carriers

Colored Sketch

Released 2010. The pattern is the same as White Sketch v2 but the background color was offered in pink, blue, yellow, green, and purple. Wristlet – $49 Letter Carrier / Crossbody – $165   Credit Card Holder – $15 with Dooney & Bourke purchase (available in yellow only)  

Aulani Brown Leather Tote

Aulani Brown Leather Sketch

Released 2013 Brown Leather Sketch Wristlet – $95 Brown Leather Sketch Tote – $345 Brown Leather Sketch Weekender -$495 Brown Leather Sketch Crossbody – $210

Aulani Sketch Weekender

Aulani Sketch

Released 2012 Sketch Tote – $245 Sketch Wristlet – $70 Sketch Weekender -$360 Sketch Crossbody – $170 / $175  

2012 Trunk Show OOAK's

OOAK / Samples

These are samples created by Dooney & Bourke but never mass produced.      

DCL Sketch Collection

DCL Sketch

Released 2010 DCL White Sketch Wristlet – $49 Tassel Tote – $150 Medium Cindy Tote – $190 Large Tote – $225 Weekender – ??

Colored Leather Sketch Collection

Colored Leather Sketch

Released 2014. Features the same pattern as White Sketch v2 (no Chip & Dale) but in embossed leather. Small Crossbody Blue – $158 Small Crossbody Pink – $158 Small Crossbody Brown – $158 Additional Brown Leather Sketch items can be found in the Brown Leather Sketch Collection

Brown Leather Sketch Crossbody

Brown Leather Sketch

Released Spring 2012. Features the same pattern as White Sketch v2 (no Chip & Dale) but in brown embossed leather. Brown Leather Sketch Shopper Tote $345 / $358 / $378 Brown Leather Sketch Crossbody $210 / $228   Brown Leather Sketch Zip Wristlet $95 The Small Brown Leather Sketch Crossbody can be found in the Colored Leather Sketch […]