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15 Free Printable Disney Princess & Villains Paper Dolls

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Dream big, Princess, with these enchanting 3D papercraft Disney Princess and Disney Villains paper dolls from your favorite animated movies, like Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid, Snow White, and Princess & the Frog. Download, print, wave that magic wand, and transform plain paper into a fairy tale! For these crafts, you’ll need the following: Regular paper … Read more

9 Free Printable Pixar 3D Character Crafts

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Assemble colorful 3D papercraft characters and relive your favorite Pixar movies, like Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Cars, Monsters Inc., and Wreck-It Ralph in this fun activity. Having fun at home doesn’t have to cost a lot of money and you don’t have to sacrifice your creativity. Just download, print, and create! For these crafts, you’ll need … Read more