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How To Measure Purse Dimensions: Your Ultimate Guide!

You probably own several purses, but there’s a favorite one that you always seem to gravitate to because you finally found the perfect bag to hold all your personal belongings, right? 

Now, you want to order another one, but you are unsure about how to measure purse dimensions to get the exact size of your favorite one. 

How to Measure Purse Dimensions

How to Measure Purse Dimensions

Don’t fret! Follow this comprehensive guide to learn how to measure the size of the bag. This will allow you to get the correct size the first time, and you can skip the trouble of having to ship it back. 

You will need a ruler or measuring tape and a countertop or table to measure your current purse’s height, width, depth, and drop. 

Read through to determine the correct purse measurements when purchasing a new bag online.

How To Measure Purse Dimensions

First, prepare your tape measure, preferably a flexible one, and get set up at a table. 

Knowing the dimensions of a handbag is crucial because you’ll use it to pick the correct size from the bag size chart provided on the website. Handbag dimensions are made up of three important measurements: 

  • Length (L)

  • Height (H)

  • Width (W)/Depth (D)

Here’s an example of what you should expect to see: 10 “L x 7 “H x 6” W.

Example of purse dimensions for a Disney Dooney and Bourke handbag

Example of purse dimensions for a Disney Dooney and Bourke handbag

How to determine the right size of a purse:

Height (H): Measure the height from the base of the purse to the top. For a tote bag, for example, the height refers to the measurements from the base of the front extending to the top opening of the bag.

Ensure your tape measure is in the middle of the purse, and exclude the straps and handle. 

Your purse should stand straight on the working table when measuring the height.  

Measuring the height of a handbag

Measuring the height of a handbag

Length (L): When measuring the overall length of the handbag (the longest sides), measure the side parallel to the top opening or the zipper. Leave zero room for error when measuring the length of the bag by letting the front of the bag face you. Please note that some manufacturers use width instead of length.

Measuring the length of a handbag

Measuring the length of a handbag

Width (W): A bag’s width indicates its bulkiness or how much it can expand. It’s the shortest side. To determine the width, measure the side of the handbag. Place the tape measure at the base, drawing it from the back to the front of the handbag. 

Measuring the width (depth) of a handbag

Measuring the width (depth) of a handbag

What does the depth of the bag refer to? Some manufacturers also use depth and width interchangeably. So, you’ll likely see either L/H/D (Length/Height/Depth) or L/H/W (Length/Height/Width). 

When measuring the bag’s depth, follow the same procedure you followed to measure the width.

Drop: This refers to the strap drop length or the handles from the top of the purse at their peak when you hang it. The drop length determines if you’ll carry the purse across the body, over the shoulder, or by hand. Start measuring from the top center of the bag, straight up to the inside peak of the bag’s shoulder strap or handles. 

Strap Actual Length: Measure the length of the strap from where it connects to the handbag to the opposite end. 

The above bag measurement guide should help you buy the right bag in terms handbag size. 

If your bag isn’t rectangular or has a unique shape, please measure the tallest and widest points for accuracy. It’s also wise to double-check the measurements. Measuring your bag twice (or thrice if the first and second measurements don’t agree) isn’t a weakness; it’s wisdom, as it leaves no room for error.

Why Should You Care About Handbag Measurements?

Replacing your absolute favorite handbag can be a hard thing to do, especially if you have found the perfect one to carry everything you need on a daily basis, from your water bottles to your wallet. Taking handbag measurements will allow you to make the best decision you can to get the perfect handbag replacement.

Making a purchase online is a great choice and fun because there are a variety of colors, designs, materials, and sizes to choose from. But it can also be tricky, especially if you don’t know how to measure purse dimensions accurately. 

Not anymore! Follow our guide to get the perfect size handbag before ordering your next new bag online or in store. Whether you are looking at crossbody bags or shoulder bags, you will be equipped with the correct measurements for a new purse that will meet your needs. 

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