Dumbo Movie 2019

Dumbo Movie Tassel Tote

Releasing March 2019 to celebrate the release of the live action “Dumbo” movie

Dumbo Movie Collection
Dumbo Movie Collection – Photo by Main Street Mouse

This pattern features Dumbo, his best friend Timothy Mouse, the Ringmaster, elephants balancing on a ball, and silhouettes of 4 clowns against a white background with peanuts, his magic feather, and an emblem of Dumbo’s crest.

Dumbo Movie Tassel Tote
SNEA Dumbo Movie Tassel Tote – Photo by Main Street Mouse

Words on the print read “The One and Only”, “Altitude Records”, and “Wonder Elephant Soars to Fame!” Dumbo is shown in three poses: Flying, sitting on a podium with his ears out, and holding his magic feather with clown makeup on.

This collection comes in 3 silhouettes: tassel tote (shown above), foldover crossbody, and zip wallet. The exact release date is unknown at this time.

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(4) Comments

  1. Terry Ruby Carver says:

    I hope DB and Disney will do pre-pay so everyone can get a chance to purchase these bags instead of seeing them on ebay for outrageous prices. Also, disney need to limit purchases to 2 per person when it gets released initially, not 10 per person.

  2. I also think doing pre-orders with a limit is a good idea. I wish they did that more often.

  3. pinkglamourkitty@aol.com says:

    Hello, Is there any way you might know when the Dumbo bags are being released? I contacted Shop Disney directly but they said they do no comment on future releases.

  4. Lisa Hughes says:

    Does anyone know the size of the tassel tote? I hope the wallet will fit inside it.

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