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5 Ways to Organize and Store Handbags

For many women, handbags are a daily essential item and picking the types of handbags that go into your collection is a way to express your personality. If you are a fan of Disney Dooney and Bourke bags, the number of handbags in your collection might exceed just a few. Knowing how to store and display your handbags when they are not in use can be an organizational issue. Having a good system to organize handbags is necessary to maximize space and easily know what bags you have available in your collection.

Today, we are showing you with 5 different ways to organize, store and display handbags in your home or closet.

1. Shelves

There are many ways to use shelves to display your amazing handbag collection. Transform an existing linen closet into a dedicated handbag mecca.

Disney Dooney and Bourke Collection in a dedicated purse closet

Disney Dooney and Bourke Collection in a dedicated purse closet

Finding a beautiful bookcase for your handbag display can add a touch of glamour to your room or your closet if you have space. In truth, any bookshelf would work for this method of purse storage. This system works best with handbags that have a flat bottom.

Bookcase Handbag Storage

Bookcase Handbag Storage Photo credit: Chronicles of Frivolity

Bags without a flat bottom don’t need to be left out though. Just add some clear shelf dividers to line up slim bags, clutches and other handbags that have a hard time standing upright.

Disney Dooney bags displayed on a shelf

Disney Dooney bags displayed on a shelf – Photo by Sakura Gallegos

Cube organizers and cube bookcases add some additional structure to the traditional bookshelf because they have built-in dividers that keep your collection looking neat and tidy.

Disney Handbags in a Cube Bookshelf - Photo by Stephanie Noel Amato

Disney Handbags in a Cube Bookshelf – Photo by Stephanie Noel Amato

No matter how many purses you have, there are a lot of options when it comes to sizes for cube organizers. You can find them with 2 cubbies up to 12 square cubes so you can find the right combination for your space.

Using cubbies and cube organizers to store handbags

Using cubbies and cube organizers to store handbags – Photo by Sakura Gallegos

Want to keep your precious purses dust free? Use display cabinets with glass doors so you can see those pretties but protect them from dust. These BESTÅ Ikea cabinets can be customized with glass doors and have plenty of space for a large collection.

Purse Collection in Ikea Display Cabinets

Purse Collection in Ikea Display Cabinets – Photo by Aj Silberman Moffitt

Another option is a China cabinet, curio cabinet, sideboard buffet, or storage cabinet with sliding glass doors.

Storing Handbags in Sliding Glass Cabinet

Storing Handbags in Sliding Glass Cabinet – Photo by Jenn Thomas Murphy

2. Hooks 

Hooks are a simple way to organize purses while also making use of vertical space. There are so many options for hooks available. You can use decorative hooks to display individual handbags in your room or entryway, or for the more practically-minded, bike hooks are a great option to hang up several purses on a single hook in a space that is out-of-sight. Just be sure to keep the load manageable so that you can still see each purse.

Using a Bike Hook to store handbags

Using a Bike Hook to store handbags Photo credit: Monogram Momma

Hooks can also make for an easy DIY project since there are options on the market that are simply peel-and-stick or that screw right into the wall, making hooks a quick and affordable way to create your own handbag storage. 

Purse Hooks Photo credit: NY Mag


Disney Dooney & Bourke bags handing on a wall

Photo by d8toc

Wall hooks also make it possible to display your handbag collection as home decor. For example, pairing your handbags with vintage looking posters of attractions from the Disney Parks shows off your love for Disney and makes your handbag collection into works of art. 

Handbag Wall Display

Handbag Wall Display – Photo by Bree S

3. Magazine Holders

Using magazine files to hold thin clutches, wristlets and wallets are another way to up your purse storage game while making efficient use of space and keeping these styles of handbags organized. This method also helps you organize handbags in a way that is easy to see all of your options at a glance. To prepare your purse display, find some shelf space in your closet and buy a couple of magazine holders. We recommend using clear magazine holders for this purpose in order to keep all of your bags visible. Then line your wallets, clutches, and wristlets upright in the magazine holders, being mindful to keep them closely packed together in order to avoid any of them slumping over, which may be harmful to their shape.

Magazine Holders for Handbag Storage

Magazine Holders for Handbag Storage Photo credit: Perpetually Chic

4. Behind the Door

Hanging your handbags behind your door may be the way you prefer to create your handbag display, while also making the most out of the unused space in your closet. Not everyone has a large walk-in closet, so taking advantage of the space you have is essential to keeping your handbags organized and stored away when they are not in use.

Hooks To Organize Purses

Hooks To Organize Purses – Photo by Lindsay Zuck

Behind the door closet organizers are available on the market, which require little to no assembly, so you can get your closet clutter-free and organize purses quickly. Another bonus is that these closet organizers tend to be cost-effective. The ones linked here are only $9.97 for one or $16.99 for two.

Behind the Door Handbag Organizer

Behind the Door Handbag Organizer Photo Credit: Amazon


5. Pegboard

If you have a lot of empty wall space in your walk-in closet or another area of your house that you use for accessory storage, this purse display method is for you! All of the items needed to create your own pegboard handbag storage system can be purchased at your local hardware store. The items you will need are a pegboard, peg board hooks, and a drill. While this DIY project may not be for everyone and is not the chicest display, it is simple and cost-effective. Once you have your designated space cleared, hang your peg board on the wall and then organize the peg board hooks however you like. The good thing about this method is the hooks can be moved around at any time. Once that is completed, hang up your handbags from the hooks to keep your collection organized. The pegboard system can also be used to hang wristlets, scarves, belts, and jewelry.

Pegboard Handbag Storage

Pegboard Handbag Storage Photo credit: A Bowl Full of Lemons

Bonus Tip: Stuff Your Bags

Regardless of how you organize or store your handbags, consider stuffing the inside of purses with packing paper in order to keep them from falling over on a shelf and help them to retain their shape. Packing paper is used for wrapping fragile items when moving or shipping.

Packing Paper used for moving and shipping

Packing Paper used for moving and shipping

It’s our favorite handbag stuffing because it’s really cheap and easy to crumple down to the exact size and shape you need. Packing paper is sometimes referred to as newsprint but don’t use actual newspaper! Make sure to use paper that does not have print or color on it because the ink can bleed into your bag if it gets moist or too warm. Another option is to save those air pillows that are used by Amazon and other online retailers to cushion items in a shipping box.

Air pillows used for shipping

Air pillows used for shipping

These are just a few ways we have found to create your own system of handbag storage to keep your bag collection organized and your closet clutter-free.

What method is your favorite? Tell us in the comments and share photos of your own collection on our Facebook Page!

5 Ways To Organize Your Disney Dooney Handbags

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Monday 12th of August 2019

*closing sales, as in going out of business for those chrome racks.


Monday 12th of August 2019

I shop store clothing sales for purse and clothing racks that are chrome. A taller clothing rack is perfect for crossbody purses, and a standard adjustable purse rack is great for satchels and totes. Plus, they tend to be inexpensive and can be compact, so they can go on a dresser, or behind a nightstand.

Charleen Fournier

Monday 12th of August 2019

I'm a big fan of display cabinets. Have about 5 still need more. Wish I could add pictures.