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How to Organize and Store Your Handbag Collection

Handbags are not just accessories; they’re investments deserving of care and attention. Mastering the art of handbag storage is paramount to preserving their pristine condition and ensuring longevity. If you are a fan of Disney Dooney and Bourke bags, the number of handbags in your collection might exceed just a few. Effective handbag storage goes beyond mere organization—it’s about safeguarding your cherished pieces against dust, scratches, and wear. By understanding the principles of handbag storage, you can extend the lifespan of your collection and maintain its value over time. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a fashion enthusiast, learning how to store handbags properly is essential to protecting your investment. Learn methods for optimal purse organization and discover practical purse storage ideas that will revolutionize the way you care for your beloved accessories.

Assessing Your Storage Space for Your Bags

Before embarking on your journey to find the perfect handbag storage solutions, it’s crucial to take stock of your available space and assess your storage requirements. Start by evaluating your storage space, considering factors such as closet size, shelving options, and accessibility. If you’re working with limited space, like in small apartments or compact closets, maximizing every inch becomes paramount. Assessing your storage needs allows you to determine the best way to utilize your space effectively. Whether you have ample closet space or need to get creative with storage options, understanding how much space you have available is the first step towards finding the ideal storage solutions for your handbags. By taking the time to evaluate your storage space thoroughly, you can make informed decisions about the best way to store your bags while optimizing accessibility and organization.

Choosing the Right Storage Solutions for Your Purses

Figuring out the best handbag storage solution for you can feel overwhelming, but fear not – we’ll share with you five handbag storage ideas to help you find the perfect method for your cherished collection. From shelves and hooks to magazine holders and pegboards, there’s a storage option suited to every space and style. Whether you’re dealing with small spaces or an extensive collection, these handbag storage solutions offer a great way to keep your purses organized and easily accessible.

1. Shelves

Transforming your space into a haven for your beloved handbags is an art in itself, and shelves are a great option for displaying your collection. Imagine converting a mundane linen closet into a sanctuary dedicated solely to your cherished purses – it’s a dream come true for any fashion enthusiast.

Disney Dooney and Bourke Collection in a dedicated purse closet

Disney Dooney and Bourke Collection in a dedicated purse closet

Adding a touch of elegance to your room or closet is as simple as incorporating a beautiful bookcase into your handbag display. Whether nestled in your living space or tucked away in your wardrobe, a carefully chosen bookshelf can exude glamour while showcasing your prized possessions. And the beauty of it? Any bookcase will do. This storage method is an especially good option for handbags with a flat bottom, allowing them to sit nicely on the shelves.

Bookcase Handbag Storage

Bookcase Handbag Storage Photo credit: Chronicles of Frivolity

But what about those bags without a flat bottom, you may ask? Fear not! Clear shelf dividers come to the rescue, offering a solution to elegantly line up slim bags, clutches, and other handbags that may struggle to stand upright on their own. These acrylic shelf dividers seamlessly integrate into your shelving unit, ensuring every piece in your collection finds its place.

Disney Dooney bags displayed on a shelf

Disney Dooney bags displayed on a shelf – Photo by Sakura Gallegos

For those craving a bit more structure, cube organizers and cube bookcases present an ideal solution. With built-in dividers, these cube organizers elevate the traditional bookshelf, maintaining order within your collection.

Disney Handbags in a Cube Bookshelf - Photo by Stephanie Noel Amato

Disney Handbags in a Cube Bookshelf – Photo by Stephanie Noel Amato

Plus, with a plethora of sizes available, from compact 2-cubby units to expansive 12-square cube configurations, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your storage space.

Using cubbies and cube organizers to store handbags

Using cubbies and cube organizers to store handbags – Photo by Sakura Gallegos

Yearning to keep your precious purses pristine and dust-free? Enter display cabinets with glass doors. Take, for example, the versatile BESTÅ cabinets from Ikea, customizable with sleek glass doors and ample space to accommodate even the most extensive collection.

Purse Collection in Ikea Display Cabinets

Purse Collection in Ikea Display Cabinets – Photo by Aj Silberman Moffitt

Alternatively, consider the timeless allure of a China cabinet, curio cabinet, sideboard buffet, or storage cabinet with sliding glass doors, each providing a chic sanctuary for your cherished handbags.

Storing Handbags in Sliding Glass Cabinet

Storing Handbags in Sliding Glass Cabinet – Photo by Jenn Thomas Murphy

In the realm of handbag display, the possibilities are endless, and with shelves as your canvas, you’re free to curate a space that not only showcases your collection but elevates it to a work of art.

Finding a beautiful bookcase for your handbag display can add a touch of glamour to your room or your closet if you have space. In truth, any bookshelf would work for this method of purse storage. This system works best with handbags that have a flat bottom.

2. Hooks 

Embracing the versatility of vertical space, hooks emerge as unsung heroes in the pursuit of purse organization. Simple yet effective, they offer a myriad of possibilities to elevate both functionality and aesthetics within your living space.

When it comes to hooks, the options are seemingly endless. You can opt for decorative hooks to imbue your room or entryway with a touch of elegance, each hook serving as a pedestal for showcasing individual handbags. Alternatively, for those seeking practicality without sacrificing style, consider the efficiency of bike hooks, ingeniously designed to accommodate multiple purses on a single hook. Just remember to distribute the load evenly to ensure each purse remains visible and accessible.

Using a Bike Hook to store handbags

Using a Bike Hook to store handbags Photo credit: Monogram Momma

For the DIY enthusiast and those lacking in shelf space, wall hooks present an enticing opportunity for creativity. With peel-and-stick or screw-in options readily available, transforming your wall into a personalized handbag storage solution has never been easier or more affordable. Whether you opt for a sleek and minimalist aesthetic or prefer to infuse your space with charm and character, hooks offer endless possibilities for crafting a storage solution that reflects your unique style.

Using wall hooks to hang handbags

Purse Hooks Photo credit: NY Mag

Beyond mere functionality, wall hooks transcend their utilitarian nature to double as decorative accents, seamlessly integrating your handbag collection into your home decor. 

Disney Dooney & Bourke bags hanging on a wall

Photo by d8toc

Picture this: vintage-inspired posters of Disney Parks attractions adorn your walls and your beloved handbags carefully placed on hooks, transforming your cherished purses into veritable works of art. Not only does this showcase your affinity for Disney, but it also adds a whimsical touch to your space, infusing it with personality and charm.

Handbag Wall Display

Handbag Wall Display – Photo by Bree S

3. Magazine Holders

Revamping your purse storage game doesn’t always require elaborate solutions; sometimes, it’s the simple, ingenious ideas that make the biggest impact. Enter magazine holders – offering a sleek and efficient method to keep your thin clutches, wristlets, and wallets neatly arranged while maximizing every inch of space.

Magazine Holders for Handbag Storage

Magazine Holders for Handbag Storage Photo credit: Perpetually Chic

What’s truly remarkable about this method is its ability to provide a clear view of your entire collection at a glance, making selecting the perfect accessory for any occasion effortless. To get started, carve out some shelf space in your closet and invest in a few clear magazine holders. Opting for transparent holders ensures that every bag remains visible, allowing you to appreciate their beauty while keeping them well-organized.

Next, arrange your wallets, clutches, and wristlets upright within the magazine holders, ensuring a snug fit in your purse organizer to prevent any slumping that could distort their shape over time. 

4. Behind the Door

For those with small spaces or seeking to maximize every inch available, hanging handbags behind the door proves to be a game-changer. Whether your closet is spacious or snug, utilizing the often-overlooked space behind closet doors is key to keeping your collection organized and easily accessible.

Hooks To Organize Purses

Hooks To Organize Purses – Photo by Lindsay Zuck

Luckily, behind-the-door closet organizers offer a hassle-free solution, requiring minimal assembly while providing maximum functionality. Plus, with options available at budget-friendly prices, such as those linked here for just $9.97 for one or $16.99 for two, organizing your purses has never been more affordable.

Behind the Door Handbag Organizer

Behind the Door Handbag Organizer Photo Credit: Amazon

5. Pegboard

If you have ample wall space to spare, consider embracing the versatility of a pegboard storage system. With just a few items – a pegboard, peg board hooks, and a drill – you can create a customizable storage solution that caters to your specific needs.

Pegboard Handbag Storage

Pegboard Handbag Storage Photo credit: A Bowl Full of Lemons

While not the most glamorous option, a pegboard system offers simplicity and cost-effectiveness, allowing you to effortlessly hang your tote bags alongside wristlets, scarves, belts, and jewelry. Plus, the beauty of this DIY project lies in its flexibility – you can rearrange the hooks at any time to accommodate your ever-evolving collection, including different shapes and sizes.

In the realm of purse organization, innovation knows no bounds, and with clever solutions like magazine holders, behind-the-door organizers, and pegboards, you can transform your storage space into a haven for your beloved handbags.

Organizing Your Bag Collection: Marie Kondo Your Handbags

In this section, we’ll delve into effective purse organization strategies inspired by Marie Kondo to declutter and organize your handbag collection, ensuring easy access and optimal space utilization. Begin by decluttering your collection, identifying your favorite purses, and assessing each bag’s usability and sentimental value. This initial step not only streamlines your collection but also ensures that each bag you keep truly sparks joy. Once you’ve curated your selections, categorize your handbags according to different occasions or styles. This approach simplifies the process of selecting the perfect bag for any outing or event, saving you time and effort. Ensure that frequently used bags are easily accessible, perhaps on shelves at eye level or within reach in your closet, while less frequently used or seasonal pieces can be stored higher up or in less accessible areas. By embracing the Marie Kondo method, you prioritize quality over quantity, creating a handbag collection that reflects your personal style and brings you genuine joy with each use. 

Protecting Your Handbags

Preserving the beauty and longevity of your handbags requires proactive measures. Explore effective strategies to shield your bags from dust, scratches, and damage while ensuring they remain in pristine condition for years to come.

1. Utilize Dust Bags

Investing in dust bags is an easy way to protect your handbags from environmental elements and minimize exposure to dust and dirt. These soft, breathable covers provide an extra layer of protection, particularly for leather bags and designer bags, preserving their quality and appearance over time. Store them in dust bags or protective covers when not in use to prevent scratches and tarnishing. 

2. Bubble Wrap for Added Protection

For extra cushioning and protection during storage or travel, consider wrapping your handbags in bubble wrap. This lightweight and flexible material helps safeguard delicate embellishments and leather finishes from scratches and abrasions, ensuring your bags retain their pristine condition. Another good way to add an extra layer of protection is to use packing paper to stuff your bags to keep them from falling over on a shelf and help them to retain their shape. Packing paper is used for wrapping fragile items when moving or shipping.

Packing Paper used for moving and shipping

Packing Paper used for moving and shipping

It’s our favorite handbag stuffing because it’s really cheap and easy to crumple down to the exact size and shape you need. Packing paper is sometimes referred to as newsprint but don’t use actual newspaper! Make sure to use paper that does not have print or color on it because the ink can bleed into your bag if it gets moist or too warm. Another option is to save those air pillows that are used by Amazon and other online retailers to cushion items in a shipping box.

Air pillows used for shipping

Air pillows used for shipping

3. Guard Against Environmental Damage

Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or moisture, as these can cause fading and damage to your favorite leather handbag, as well as bags of other materials including canvas and nylon.

4. Protecting Designer Bags

Designer handbags often come with delicate hardware and intricate detailing that require extra care. Handle them with care and avoid placing them on rough surfaces to maintain their appearance.

5. Tailored Solutions for Smaller Bags

Smaller purses and clutches also deserve protection from wear and tear. Consider storing them in individual dust bags or compartments within larger handbags to prevent scratches and deformation. This tailored approach ensures each bag receives the attention it deserves, preserving its beauty and functionality.

By implementing these protective measures and maintenance tips, you can extend the lifespan of your handbags and enjoy them in impeccable condition for years to come.

Mastering Handbag Storage: Your Key Takeaways

Mastering the art of handbag storage isn’t merely about tidiness—it’s about safeguarding your investments and ensuring their longevity. By assessing your storage space and selecting the right solutions, such as shelves, hooks, or magazine holders, tailored to your needs, you can transform your storage area into a haven for your beloved accessories. Embracing the Marie Kondo method further streamlines organization, ensuring each bag sparks joy and remains easily accessible. Additionally, prioritizing protection with dust bags, bubble wrap, and tailored solutions preserves the beauty of your handbags for years to come. With these strategies in place, you can revolutionize your handbag storage, maximizing both the functionality and enjoyment of your collection.

What method is your favorite? Tell us in the comments and share photos of your own collection on our Facebook Page!

5 Ways To Organize Your Disney Dooney Handbags

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Monday 12th of August 2019

*closing sales, as in going out of business for those chrome racks.


Monday 12th of August 2019

I shop store clothing sales for purse and clothing racks that are chrome. A taller clothing rack is perfect for crossbody purses, and a standard adjustable purse rack is great for satchels and totes. Plus, they tend to be inexpensive and can be compact, so they can go on a dresser, or behind a nightstand.

Charleen Fournier

Monday 12th of August 2019

I'm a big fan of display cabinets. Have about 5 still need more. Wish I could add pictures.