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Beware of Facebook Scam Ads for Cheap Disney Dooney & Bourke

Lately, we have seen an alarming number of Facebook sponsored ads circulating for scam shopping sites that we want to warn you about.

Pin Me - Beware of Facebook Scam Ads for Cheap Disney Dooney & Bourke Bags

Pin Me – Beware of Facebook Scam Ads for Cheap Disney Dooney & Bourke Bags

Disney Dooney & Bourke Facebook Scam Ads

These Facebook scam ads claim you can purchase the latest Disney Dooney & Bourke handbags at a 75% off discount, like the screenshot below. 

Disney Dooney Facebook Scam Ad

Disney Dooney Facebook Scam Ad

The creators of these fake Disney Dooney ads will use official photos from Disney Store or social media photos from real Disney accounts to make their Facebook ads seem official. They have even stolen photos from our site! They advertise Flower and Garden Festival 2020 or Disney Dogs Sketch for as low as $29.95. These ads are scams and 100% fake.

Disney Dooney Facebook Scam Ad

While we and knowledgable Disney Dooney & Bourke collectors try to warn other buyers by commenting on these scam ads, the fake sellers delete these comments so people continue to fall victim to this scam. To see current information on Facebook scammers, visit our Facebook post. If you have information or screenshots to contribute to our Facebook post, we welcome your comments so that we can continue to warn fellow Disney Dooney shoppers.  

New Facebook Scam Ads – May 2021

The scammers have updated their ads with more recent Disney Dooney and Bourke collections. We have seen scams advertising the 2020 Haunted Mansion Collection as well as the Disney Side Kicks Collection for up to 69% off. The scammers are relentless.  

Haunted Mansion Facebook Scam Ad

Haunted Mansion Facebook Scam Ad

More Facebook Scam Ads – August 2020

As new collections are being released, Facebook scammers are also updating their ads to reflect the new Disney Dooney & Bourke merchandise. We have seen scam advertisements for a variety of collections, including the Little Mermaid purse collection. 

Facebook Scam Ad for The Little Mermaid Collection

Facebook Scam Ad for The Little Mermaid Collection

These ads advertise handbags for 49% and 50% off. 

Facebook Scam Ad for The Little Mermaid Collection

Facebook Scam Ad for The Little Mermaid Collection

Other scammers are using the Geometric Mickey and Minnie Mouse Collection and the Bambi and Forest Friends Collection to scam online shoppers. 

Facebook Scam Ad for Geometric Mickey and Minnie Mouse Satchel

Facebook Scam Ad for Geometric Mickey and Minnie Mouse Satchel

These ads offer even deeper discounts of up to 70% off. Don’t fall for them! The vast majority of commenters who have fallen for these scams never received anything from the scammers. They simply took their money and ran!

Example of a Facebook scam ad for Bambi Dooney and Bourke Bags

Example of a Facebook scam ad for Bambi Dooney and Bourke Bags

Fake Disney Dooney & Bourke Shopping Sites

The Facebook scam ad above looks like it will take you to Disney Store but when you click on it, they will take you to a random Shopify store or a website that you do not recognize. Here are some ways to spot a fake Disney Dooney & Bourke shopping site, like the one below:
Disney Dooney Scam Site

Disney Dooney Scam Site

  • The website design doesn’t match the real Disney Store website
  • The website URL says Shopify or doesn’t match the real Disney Store website
  • There are misspellings on the website
  • Original retail prices are incorrect
  • Finally, the prices are too low to be true!

If you compare the original retail prices of the handbags on the fake site compared to Disney Store, you’ll see even the retail prices are wrong. The Flower & Garden 2020 tote should be $298 retail but the scam site lists it as $120 retail before their fake discount. Even after a bag becomes sold out online, you can always use our site to find the original retail price of almost every Disney Dooney handbag ever made.

A brand new $298 handbag for only $30?? Sounds too good to be true because it is!

Disney Dooney & Bourke Scam Shopping Site Disappears

After seeing one of these fake Facebook ads, we bookmarked the link to monitor the scam shopping site. When we visited it again a few days later, this is what we found:

Disney Dooney Scam Site Disappeared

Disney Dooney Scam Site Disappeared

The whole online store disappeared! Imagine how worried someone would be if they bought something from this site, only to find it gone a few days later… and probably their money is gone too.

How the Facebook Ads Shopping Scam Works

There are a number of ways that scammers will use these fake shopping sites and online stores to make money illegally. The best-case scenario is that you won’t get what you purchase but a cheap knockoff of the item. However, there are much worse things that can happen.

facebook laptop

  • You receive a counterfeit Disney Dooney handbag or something completely different from what you ordered
  • You receive stolen merchandise that could be traced back to you (also known as a triangulation scam)
  • You will be charged for your purchase but never receive anything. They will even send you a used tracking number so it appears that your item was shipped and delivered
  • Your credit card number and personal information are stolen and sold to criminals, who will use it to make fraudulent purchases

Also, it’s important to note that while we have personally seen these ads on only Facebook so far, these fake scam ads are likely to pop up on Instagram and other social media sites.

What should I do if I already ordered from a scam site?

Is it too late? Did you already order from one of these scam sites?

  • Contact the site or seller and cancel your order. If it takes more than 48 hours for you to get a response, that should be a big red flag.
  • Contact your credit card company or bank to file a fraud claim

credit card scam man chasing credit card

We highly recommend that you NEVER use your debit card to make purchases online because debit card purchases are immediately deducted from your bank account balance. Credit cards and even PayPal will offer you much more protection in case of disputes and the money doesn’t come straight out of your bank account.

Where to Buy Genuine Disney Dooney Bags

We all want a good deal but it’s important that you don’t become a victim to online scammers. To guarantee authenticity, we recommend purchasing Dooney & Bourke bags directly from Disney Parks, Disney Store, or a trusted personal shopper.

Shop on Disney Store

If you must buy from a third party because the print is sold out or retired, make sure you buy from a reputable seller using PayPal through an invoice or pay as goods and services because both options offer Buyer Protection.

We also recommend buying from eBay because you can check a seller’s feedback and eBay protects your purchase. However, you should still avoid buying the 2 Disney Sketch silhouettes that we know are being counterfeited, except directly from Disney Store. Check out our post about counterfeit Disney Dooney & Bourke Bags:

Pin me - Beware of Fake Disney Dooney & Bourke Bags

Read more about Fake Disney Dooney & Bourke Bags

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Monday 12th of December 2022

[removed].com is advertising D&B with 85% off (Merry Christmas)..Fake?

Disney Dooney and Bourke

Monday 12th of December 2022

Yes! Looks fake!

Jennifer Napolitano Harris

Saturday 22nd of May 2021

I fell! So upset but mine was from a Google search for summer bags. It's ridiculous! I used PayPal so fingers crossed I get my money back.

Pao Riv

Wednesday 14th of October 2020

I am sorry but I don't recommend using PayPal either to make this kind of purchases, Paypal was a nightmare for me, On June 27 I did a purchase from one of this fake websites in FB, for 29.99 it was for a child convertible sofa. at the moment it seem completely legit. after my purchase I got a google email with a random name, right away I knew I was scam I contacted Paypal (because of covid there is NOT phone costumer service, only online chat or email) , they told me I had to wait to see if my package arrive. After 30 days Paypal said I needed to contact the seller and dispute the transaction, Seller sent a fake tracing, #, & Paypal ask me to open a dispute, & to contact USPS and ask for documentation corroborating that the tracking number is fake or intranet form, (they don't do that!) then 20 days later a full Complaint needed to be open & was asked to send emails and photos and proof of what I had receive!! On September 3, I receive a package with a cheap 99cent store kind of ring, the seller then told Paypal that they sent my Package late but finally got my product. I took photos of the ring and the package telling paypal how a sofa is going to fit in a enveloped & with copies of the sofa measurements,. after 12 days (Sep 15 ). Paypal sent an email with a final decision, they would return my money only if by Sep 23 I return/ ship the product received back to the seller, on first class mail with return receipt and to the address the seller sent, that it was totally in Chinese!.( to an estimated cost to me of $66 according to USPS). So after 3 months, with all the proof , web screenshots of the product offered, exchange emails , photos of what I had receive . I finally gave up & said bye to my money. I invite you to google on-line scams & PayPal is requesting an internal USPS. from Paypal forums, there is a lot of people that are given the runaround. Paypal will defend the seller but not the consumer. I though I was safe been a 5 year faithful Paypal client, I was wrong!


Thursday 17th of September 2020

I too fell victim to this scam yesterday due to a new FB ad being circulated. Thank goodness I used PayPal and my credit card, both who have protection against fraudulent transactions. The site posting the ad for these fakes is beautydeall DOT com. Their FB page shows no owner but managers in Bangladesh, Russia and 1 other known place. When I got my receipt for the purchase, it shows a Contact Us link that goes to no where. On their site it has a gmail account to contact them that bounces back. They are clearly not legit. Warn others!!! Contact Disney!!! [email protected] Here is the FB ad they are running:[direction]=desc&sort_data[mode]=relevancy_monthly_grouped

Mary Kirk

Friday 11th of September 2020

Here is my problem. I ordered a "Genuine Dooney and Bourke Purse and wristlet" that were Bambi and Friends. It was ordered in June and it came in late August. It was not even a good knockoff. The crossbody strap was broken and there was no Dooney logo on anything. When I tried to work it out through PayPal disputes, they offered me a $15.00 refund and I could keep the crappy purse. I denied this because I paid $59.99. I would not have given $4.00 for them at a garage sale. So, now I have to send it back to them and pay for the shipping. I am so angry at myself.