Beware of Facebook Scam Ads for Cheap Disney Dooney & Bourke

Lately, we have seen an alarming number of Facebook sponsored ads circulating for scam shopping sites that we want to warn you about.

Pin Me - Beware of Facebook Scam Ads for Cheap Disney Dooney & Bourke Bags
Pin Me – Beware of Facebook Scam Ads for Cheap Disney Dooney & Bourke Bags

Disney Dooney & Bourke Facebook Scam Ads

These Facebook scam ads claim you can purchase the latest Disney Dooney & Bourke handbags at a 75% off discount, like the screenshot below. 

Disney Dooney Facebook Scam Ad
Disney Dooney Facebook Scam Ad

The creators of these fake Disney Dooney ads will use official photos from ShopDisney or social media photos from real Disney accounts to make their Facebook ads seem official. They have even stolen photos from our site! They advertise Flower and Garden Festival 2020 or Disney Dogs Sketch for as low as $29.95. These ads are scams and 100% fake.

Disney Dooney Facebook Scam Ad


Fake Disney Dooney & Bourke Shopping Sites

The Facebook scam ad above looks like it will take you to but when you click on it, they will take you to a random Shopify store or a website that you do not recognize. Here are some ways to spot a fake Disney Dooney & Bourke shopping site, like the one below:

Disney Dooney Scam Site
Disney Dooney Scam Site
  • The website design doesn’t match the real ShopDisney website
  • The website URL says Shopify or doesn’t match the real ShopDisney website
  • There are misspellings on the website
  • Original retail prices are incorrect
  • Finally, the prices are too low to be true!
ShopDisney Flower Garden Festival
ShopDisney Flower Garden Festival

If you compare the original retail prices of the handbags on the fake site compared to ShopDisney (screenshot above), you’ll see even the retail prices are wrong. The Flower & Garden 2020 tote should be $298 retail but the scam site lists it as $120 retail before their fake discount. Even after a bag becomes sold out online, you can always use our site to find the original retail price of almost every Disney Dooney handbag ever made.

A brand new $298 handbag for only $30?? Sounds too good to be true because it is!

Disney Dooney & Bourke Scam Shopping Site Disappears

After seeing one of these fake Facebook ads, we bookmarked the link to monitor the scam shopping site. When we visited it again a few days later, this is what we found:

Disney Dooney Scam Site Disappeared
Disney Dooney Scam Site Disappeared

The whole online store disappeared! Imagine how worried someone would be if they bought something from this site, only to find it gone a few days later… and probably their money gone too.

How the Facebook Ads Shopping Scam Works

There are a number of ways that scammers will use these fake shopping sites and online stores to make money illegally. The best-case scenario is that you won’t get what you purchase but a cheap knockoff of the item. However, there are much worse things that can happen.

facebook laptop

  • You receive a counterfeit Disney Dooney handbag or something completely different from what you ordered
  • You receive stolen merchandise that could be traced back to you (also known as a triangulation scam)
  • You will be charged for your purchase but never receive anything
  • Your credit card number and personal information are stolen and sold to criminals, who will use it to make fraudulent purchases

Also, it’s important to note that while we have personally seen these ads on only Facebook so far, these fake scam ads are likely to pop up on Instagram and other social media sites.

What should I do if I already ordered from a scam site?

Is it too late? Did you already order from one of these scam sites?

  • Contact the site or seller and cancel your order. If it takes more than 48 hours for you to get a response, that should be a big red flag.
  • Contact your credit card company or bank to file a fraud claim

credit card scam man chasing credit card

We highly recommend that you NEVER use your debit card to make purchases online because debit card purchases are immediately deducted your bank account balance. Credit cards and even PayPal will offer you much more protection in case of disputes and the money doesn’t come straight out of your bank account.

Where to Buy Genuine Disney Dooney Bags

We all want a good deal but it’s important that you don’t become a victim to online scammers. To guarantee authenticity, we recommend purchasing Dooney & Bourke bags directly from Disney Parks, ShopDisney, or a trusted personal shopper.

Buy now on shopDisney

If you must buy from a third party because the print is sold out or retired, make sure you buy from a reputable seller using PayPal through an invoice or pay as goods and services because both options offer Buyer Protection.

We also recommend buying from eBay because you can check a seller’s feedback and eBay protects your purchase. However, you should still avoid buying the 2 Disney Sketch silhouettes that we know are being counterfeited, except directly from ShopDisney. Check out our post about counterfeit Disney Dooney & Bourke Bags:

Pin me - Beware of Fake Disney Dooney & Bourke Bags
Read more about Fake Disney Dooney & Bourke Bags

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(4) Comments

  1. AJ Silberman-Moffitt says:

    The best thing to do is add your credit card to PayPal and pay with that. There is no extra fee when making purchases this way. Then you get protection from both PayPal AND your credit card. Also, you don’t have to wait for your statement to pay. As soon as the transaction clears, you can pay your credit card.

  2. KC in Colorado says:

    I keep reporting these ads over and over again on Facebook, as well at commenting to individual people that it’s a fraudulent website. Facebook is taking too long to take the ads down.

  3. FB sucks!!! letting scammers put ads on its site

  4. Felecia Levitt says:

    There is a store under the Shopify umbrella that I bought a Disney purse from on May 16th. I’ve since found out they gave a reused UPS number from the 2nd of May. UPS says that the package was sent 2 weeks before I ordered! You have a scam going on under the Shopify name. When I go back and look at their website the email and name changes. Many people have written about what is going on but the store knows the loop holes.
    Please help! Calls themselves many names. Look at
    Caralak and many many order names.
    PayPal Bui dong Tuan

    Please please help many many people that are getting scammed.

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